"The best people to pass the message of recovery on are the ones that have gone through the recovery process themselves"

The Life Recovery Fellowship has been created for the main purpose of introducing the 12 Step Life Recovery Bible Study to as many people as possible.

The Life Recovery Fellowship CIC, is a community interest company which are designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. The company has been formed by Michael Orr who has successfully been in recovery from Alcoholism for over 27 years. Before his recovery, Michael was involved in crime and experienced prison on several occasions. His illness took him into debt and he moved to more than 25 different address and areas before the age of 25. At 25, he had an experience with Jesus and this set him on the road to recovery. Hear Michael's testimony at your Church.

Since his 1st recovery day in October 1991 he has gone on to set up and direct many successful businesses. He is now using the experience gained in these businesses for the Life Recovery Fellowship and the 12-Step Life Recovery Bible Study.

His passion now is to introduce the 12-Step Life Recovery Bible Study - More Information to help people who are suffering from emotional, mental and spiritual pains of the past, through their behaviour, or others, and for people who are suffering from dependencies and addictions, to gain spiritual recovery and have a more peaceful and productive life.

The 12 Step Life Recovery Bible Study aims to help people recover, from whatever is weighing them down, from the past or the present, and they then can offer what they have learned and experienced, through the 12 Step Life Recovery Bible Study, and pass this onto others through setting up groups in their local Church. Find out more.

In May 2019 a conference will be held for people within the church who would like to learn more on how they can approach and support people within their congregation, who are suffering from dependencies and addictions, and to learn what types of support and help is available. See here for more details.

Michael is also in the process of building a residential recovery centre for people who are suffering from dependencies and addictions within the church and need a more intensive residential recovery program. See here for more information.

Any questions or queries you may have can be answered by contacting us.

"One bright sunny day a couple were walking along the beach and when they looked towards the shore they saw thousands of star fish that had been washed up. Further along the beach they saw a young boy that was picking up the star fish and placing them back in the Ocean. The man said to the boy “why are you putting them star fish back in the water, there are too many of them to make a difference” the young boy picked up another star fish and gently placed it back into the sea, he then looked at the couple and said “it makes a difference to that one."